Most Experienced Auto Repair Shop in Nashville Announces No Fear
Auto Repair Service Guarantee

All Points Automotive Repair ( (
in Nashville's Old Hickory Introduces a No Fear Service Policy for car owners by doing things right, every time, guaranteed.
By: CJ Coolidge

The Owner of All Points Automotive Repair, Sergey Olkhovskiy, brings a zeal for auto repair that was forged to perfection through science, music and family. He's committed to doing things right, every time.

Nearly 20 years ago, the son of acclaimed and cutting-edge engineers and technicians, Sergey Olkhovskiy arrived in Nashville as bass guitar player for Bering Strait, a Country Western Bluegrass band from the Soviet Union. He was 23 years old and didn't speak a lick of English.

Sergey doesn't have family in the hills or hollers of Kentucky or Virginia. He had never been to Texas, Bakersfield, or Memphis. In spite of this, Sergey and his band earned Grammy Nominations, appearances on 60 Minutes, and a full-length documentary telling the amazing story of massive drive, incredible talent, and a knack for perfection.

“If we were going to make it here, we knew we would have to be more than great musicians. We had to be keenly aware of everything happening around us and had to be able to figure out what works and what doesn’t, fast.”

“Everything was an adventure. Every show mattered,” Sergey remembers. “We wanted there to be no doubt that when Bering Strait was playing, it would be a perfect show.”

This is exactly how he operates All Points Automotive Repair Center in Old Hickory, TN. Every car that comes to the shop gets his full focus and attention, every time.

“More than that,” Sergey says, “we’ve got the best diagnostics anywhere and we won’t cut corners. No one will ever be able to say that we didn’t do the job right. I guarantee that.”

Renee Williams is an All Points Automotive Repair customer who verified:

"My husband and I have always been extremely pleased with the service at All Points! We know that our vehicles are thoroughly gone over and repaired properly the first time! We without a doubt highly recommend All Points; we give them 5 stars!"

Car owners can bring their cars to All Points Automotive Repair for No Fear Service.

It's obvious that All Points Automotive Repair is run by a man with the heart of a scientist and the talent and experience of a master. He performs like a virtuoso, with a focus to make every car he touches run perfectly.
We asked Sergey about his life in Nashville today.

Why do you do what you do?

“I love it. I’m really good at it. I can tell you what your car needs. And I’m almost never wrong. And since I know how things work, it bugs me when another technician blows it. There’s no excuse for sloppy work, for cutting corners or overcharging.

How did you get into the automotive repair profession anyway?

“When we came to America, our visas didn’t permit us to do anything that wasn’t directly related to entertaining by playing music. I was driving an Audi back then, and it wasn’t charging. None of the shops seemed to be able to could find the problem. That’s so frustrating. One day I got tired of it and pulled into a car dealer looking to trade for an Audi 5000. The guy wouldn’t do the trade.

Another guy took a look at my car and saw the problem fast. He fixed it easily. It was amazing. It was a small shop. So I started hanging around to help. I loved what I was doing, and learning. And over time, I had acquired all kinds of experience and tools.

What bothers you about the auto repair service industry most ?

Customers haven’t always had good experience with automobile services and service techs. They assume from the start that they are at risk of getting ripped off. So lots of times, they want to talk about the price before we even know what the car needs. It’s frustrating to have their best interest and to know what is best for their car and act like I don’t know what I’m talking about.

Who would be your perfect customer?

Someone who NEVER wants to have a problem with their automobile. Someone who will trust me to always have their back, and to know what their car needs in any situation. If they care about their car, I’m a perfect fit. If they don’t, they might as well find another disingenuous mechanic.

If you could share one tip with the readers for choosing a good shop what would it be?

“I have a couple. Pay close attention to reviews. People will definitely complain if they have the slightest problem with a mechanic. So I’m looking for the shop with the least number of complaints. Also, do your homework. Car brands can be finicky. Make sure that the shop you’re considering handles your make and model. Ask questions. And, for heaven’s sake, if someone tries to scare you, run. Maybe you go back, but NOT unless you have a 2nd or even a 3rd opinion.

I’ve heard you’re pretty generous.

I think we’re softies. We care about everyone. We help people with hardships. We help Veterans and Children. We give discounts to Military, Police, and First Responders. We support the Shriner Hospital. We sponsor a high school football programs. And we always over-deliver for our customers.
All Points Automotive Nashville Best Automotive Repair
If you care about your cars, you need professional Automotive Care for your Family or your business. All Points Automotive Repair Center in Old Hickory should be your first choice.
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